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12th International Symposium on EIS


(3 to 8 Jul,2022      Beijing China)




                 International Society of Electrochemistry(ISE)  

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Background of the meeting

       The 12th International electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Conference (EIS 2022),which will be organized by Beijing University of chemical technology and Tsinghua University, will be held in Beijing from July 3 to 8, 2022. The international conference was approved and supported by the Ministry of Education of P.R.China. The International Conference on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is held every three years. Since the first international electrochemical impedance spectroscopy conference was held in France in 1989, this conference has been held in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Japan.  It is the first time that EIS 2022 will be held in China and the second in Asia.This conference has evolved into one of the leading events in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy providing a unique opportunity to gather experts of different fields around this powerful technique.

    EIS 2022 will mainly focus on EIS fundamentals, technologies and instruments, and its applications in corrosion, electrochemical energy conversion & storage, electrochemical reaction, analysis, and sensors. During EIS 2022, there will be the oral and poster contributions, electrochemical instruments & technologies exhibition and short course showcasing the diverse aspects of the various fields of applications of EIS.

Scientific Scope

As for the previous symposia, EIS 2022 features all aspects of the interdisciplinary areas of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy on the following themes:

EIS Fundamentals ,Technologies and Instruments

      ● Frequency dispersion and constant phase element

      ● Global and local EIS

      ● EIS measurement and Data process & analysis

      ● Emerging EIS methods & New instruments


EIS Applications in Corrosion

      ● Electrochemical kinetics and mechanisms of metallic corrosion

      ● Corrosion failures and applications of organic or inorganic coatings, conversion films, plating or deposits, electronic and ionic conducting polymers.  

      ● Corrosion inhibitor and mechanisms

      ● Electrochemical protections, Corrosion monitoring & inspection techniques


EIS Application in Electrochemical Energy Conversion & storage

      ● Electrochemical energy conversion and storage materials

      ● Batteries, fuel cells, supper-capacitors and dielectric material or electrolyzers

      ● Solid-state systems


EIS Application in Electrochemical Reaction, Analysis, and Sensors

      ● Carbon dioxide reduction reaction(CO2RR)

      ● Nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR)

      ● Other electrochemical catalyst reactions

      ● Electrochemical analysis, Photoelectric chemistry and sensors


Exhibition, short course and visits

      During the EIS 2022, the exhibition of electrochemical instruments & technology will be held. At the same time,short course will be organized for students and others.Additionally, a visit will be organized for delegates to have opportunities for exchanges.


Important Dates  

October 15, 2021
January 20, 2022
February 20, 2022
March 20, 2022
April 25, 2022

July 4, 2022

Meeting abstract submission opens
Extended deadline of abstract submission
Notification of acceptance to authors
Deadline of early registration fees
Registration deadline for presentation(s)
(Presentations without a registered speaker or Poster presenter will be cancelled and removed from the program on April 30, 2022)
Opening of EIS2022


Contact information of the Conference Secretariat

1. Secretariat of EIS 2022

Secretary general: prof. Xingyue Yong

Assistant secretary general: prof. Fahe Cao, Prof. Zhonghua Xiang, Prof. Jun Huang

Members of the secretariat of EIS 2022:

Daily affairs: Ms. Zhenning Chen, Mr. Haotian Ji

Invitation letters for visa: Mrs. Jing Zhang

Exhibition & short course: Haotian Ji, Kebing Zhou


2. Liaisons & conveners for special subjects in China

A. EIS Fundamentals, Technologies and Instruments / EIS Applications in Corrosion:

Prof. Fahe Cao, Prof. Xueyuan Zhang

B. EIS Application in Electrochemical Energy Conversion & storage

   Prof. Jun Huang, Prof. Jingjun Liu

C. EIS Application in Electrochemical Reaction, Analysis, and Sensors

Prof. Zhonghua Xiang, Prof. Shuangying Wang


3. Other informations

Phone: 0086-10-64441232 (Fax)

Website: www.eis2022.com

E-mail:electrochem@aliyun.com   eis2022@buct.edu.cn